Proposition: Is Income Inequality a Problem In the United States?

Proposition: Income Inequality Is A Problem In the United States

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Mar 10, 2011

About Voices of Reason

Hello and welcome to Voices of Reason. The purpose of this blog is for its contributors, David Weinberger (a conservative) and Tim Mitchell (a liberal), to debate any and all current-day issues, ranging from social policy to economic policy to foreign policy, or anything in between.
The readers then decide who has the stronger argument. Here's how it works. We come up with a proposition, then one of us defends it and the other argues against it. For example, the proposition could be: is policy X a good idea? Mr. Weinberger may argue yes; Mr. Mitchell may argue no. The debate is carried out in three phases: In the first phase, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Weinberger present their opening statements; in the second phase they each post a rebuttal; and in the third phase, they present their closing arguments. You read the arguments then vote on the proposition by clicking on "yes" or "no." You can vote at any time.

Too often people limit themselves to outlets that tend to reinforce their beliefs, without engaging the other side. However, we believe it's important for everyone to engage both sides. Here, we give you that. We debate and you decide which side to take. If you have any questions, topic ideas, or comments, please e-mail us. Let the debate begin!

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  1. I will posit a question: why is income inequality a problem? It is a natural result of a free market economy and by definition incomes cannot be equal. To make incomes equal (or to attempt to)would harm the economy such that the result would be detrimental to ALL citizens.